Santorini Dress Portfolio

Examples of different kinds of photoshoots our team arranges.
Santorini Dress Portfolio

Do you dream of an unusual shooting among the beauties of nature? How about a flying dress photoshoot in Santorini (Greece)? It will be the perfect combination of natural sights and a gentle, airy look in which every girl blossoms. The effectiveness of the shots is ensured, as your positive emotions from the process itself and the resulting photos. Do you have any doubts? Just see the portfolio of our work and make sure that you are bound to feel like a queen in this image

Examples of our photography in this style

Our team of photographers was the pioneer of this direction of photography. We started shooting models in such dresses when it was not yet trendy and widespread. We designed and sewed all the dresses by hand so that every detail would correspond to the idea and style of shooting. We still do this, only now with a large team of professionals. You can see examples of our first flying dress photoshoot in Greece in the portfolio and later ones in Italy, Mexico, and Dubai. It can be an individual portrait shoot, a romantic love story, or a family photo shoot. Despite the concept of flying dresses, we are not limited to a single style. Shooting can be in the most gentle, sensual form, or vice versa - bright, bold, brave. There are dresses for any request, and our professionals can masterfully combine the location's features with the image

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After seeing examples of photos, didn't you want such shots for yourself? All of our clients say it was a fantastic experience. Usually, they do not limit themselves to just one shoot. Having made the first photo session, our models want to discover new locations and create fresh images for them. The shots are incredible and become the decoration of home photo archives. We invite you to discuss the details