Unique Love Story Photography

Save the most romantic moments of your love.
Unique Love Story Photography

Love is beautiful in all its manifestations; time passes, feelings calm down and transform, and deep affection and a sense of kinship come instead of passion. You can arrange a fabulous love story photoshoot in a flying dress, not forgetting how it all began.

Romantic location photo shoot ideas in flying dresses

When there is a fire in both eyes, any photo will be romantic, but why not ensure the perfect location? We have started with organizing the Santorini photo shoot, and now we are actively expanding the geography of the project:

  • Santorini with unusual Martian landscapes, cozy bays, majestic rocks, and ancient Greek architecture;
  • Italy - a country of passion, where you can find a place for any idea;
  • Dubai - a country of admiration and contrasts, will also be an excellent option for a unique photograph as part of a Love-story;
  • The Maldives needs no introduction, and this resort is an enchanting combination of chic and carefree;
  • With its white sandy beaches, Mexico will give you genuinely heavenly scenery.
What is the cost of photographer services?

There is a section with current professional photoshoot prices on our website. So choose a place, a dress, take your soulmate’s hand - and get on a plane to make your dream come true!

Photo and videos shooting
ideas in flying dresses

You will find a portfolio with examples of work and photoshoot prices on our site, so you can quickly decide on a picture you like or get inspired for something unique. If you find it difficult, contact the manager, we are always ready to help!