Exotic Proposal Photoshoot

Make your Santorini engagement special – capture this memorable moment for you and your beloved!
Exotic Proposal Photoshoot

The day when a man makes a marriage proposal to his beloved becomes special for both lovers. Of course, there are hundreds of romantic ways to ask your beloved to marry, but what could be brighter and more interesting than an exotic proposal photoshoot?

An exciting moment in memory and photo pictures

If you want to surprise the bride and present her with the coveted ring in an unusual setting, book a private flying dress photoshoot in Santorini or any other available location. She will remember this day for the rest of her life, and gorgeous pictures will collect thousands of likes on social networks and will be a reminder of these charming events years later.

Romantic photography ideas in flying dresses

You don't have to figure out how things will happen on your own. You can use the portfolio on our website as a source of inspiration, get acquainted with a photoshoot cost, or immediately contact our managers. We will select a photographer in Santorini or any other location you like and help keep the upcoming proposal secret and not spoil the surprise!

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ideas in flying dresses

You will find a portfolio with examples of work and photoshoot prices on our site, so you can quickly decide on a picture you like or get inspired for something unique. If you find it difficult, contact the manager, we are always ready to help!