Flying Dress Rental

We are happy to show you the flying dresses for photoshoot. On the next pages, you may find the dress catalogue of flowy dresses that we offer in Santorini, Greece

Please not that this catalog is for SANTORINI ONLY!

For other destinations please kindly request catalogs from our managers


  • Renting of the dresses is available only together with a photoshoot.
  • Change of the selected dress is possible at least 24 hours before the planned photo session time.
  • To request the dress availability just name its number and the date.
  • If you can’t choose the dress you want online you can request to try several dresses and set an appointment, but please note that we don't have a special place for trying them on. Also please note that the choice should be made no later than two days before the photoshoot! We prepare (clean and iron) each dress before the photoshoot so bringing several dresses for choice just before the photoshoot is not possible.
  • You can also order a delivery of several dresses you like to your hotel for trying (not more than 5 items). In this case, delivery costs will be charged. The delivery fee is from 100 euros one-way, depending on the place you stay in. Please note that delivery to the place of the photoshoot is free.

Flying Dress Rental

Flowy dress photoshoot with a voluminous, fluffy hem quickly became a trend unlikely to lose relevance. Every girl wants to feel like a queen in such a luxurious way at least once, and even more so to take amazing photos in the world's top locations. Our team started working on the concept of photo shoots in flowy dresses even before it became mainstream. We were pioneers in this direction and have a registered trademark, Santorini Dress. We started from this Greek island, where the harmony of sea and air perfectly matched the elevated trains of royal dresses. Now we work in other countries, including Italy, UAE, and Maldives.

Dozens of luxurious handmade flying dresses from the Santorini brand are offered for rental. We think through the designs ourselves and create precisely the models with which it is best to work. Achieving a stunning visual effect and a feeling of floating in the air is easy. Models are thought out for a perfect fit on any figure. So study the catalog, choose your chic dress, and we are ready for a bright shooting!