Creative Portrait Photoshoot

A photoshoot aimed at highlighting your beauty.
Creative Portrait Photoshoot

If you want to order a shooting in flying dresses, it will not necessarily be a hundred general view photos. We also do creative portrait photoshoots. Do you want unique shots? Choose a flying dress!

Photographer Tips: How to Get the Perfect Shot

Before you start working on the camera, regardless of whether it will be creative portrait photography or videography, the first thing to do is remove the stiffness of facial expressions. Models should take a few deep breaths to relax the facial muscles. What else do you need to know?

  • Don't try to open your eyes too wide, but don't squint, either
  • Do not tense your lips. Open your mouth slightly, and then the jaw will not look tense
  • If you don't feel like smiling, don't force a smile. Avoid fake grimaces
  • Do not lower your head too low, so the shadow does not turn into a double chin
  • When gesticulating, leave space between your arms and torso
  • Point your chin at the camera when shooting from the front
Photo and videos shooting
ideas in flying dresses

You will find a portfolio with examples of work and photoshoot prices on our site, so you can quickly decide on a picture you like or get inspired for something unique. If you find it difficult, contact the manager, we are always ready to help!