Santorini Dress Photoshoot

We receive a lot of questions regarding the best time for a photoshoot. Here you can see the answer with photo examples and decide what works best for you.
Morning photoshoot

In the morning the lighting has a higher contrast so all the colors look brighter and more saturated. The sky also looks bluer and all other colors pop too! There is also a minus in it: for those who have sensitive eyes, it's often hard to look at the camera without blinking or sometimes even to open eyes since the sun is often too bright and white buildings also reflect the light. We suggest preparing a pair of sunglasses for it.

Evening photoshoot

In the afternoon 2-3 hours before the sunset, the lighting becomes milder. The sun is lower and when you are taking pictures with the caldera and sea background it stays behind, so you don’t get shadows on your face and it’s easier to look into the camera with fully opened eyes and without blinking.

Sunset photoshoot

If the weather is good, sunset pictures are an amazing idea since it's always a special golden time of the day.

Santorini Dress Photoshoot

Santorini is one of the most romantic islands in Greece, perfect for a flowy dress photoshoot. The Greek style of the dress, combined with the picturesque hills, is a fantastic combination for delicate and sensual shooting. The island is an archaeological gem of the country, its sights amaze tourists from all over the world, and a unique antique spirit is still in the air. Flowy dress photoshoot is more appropriate than ever in style to local locations, including:

  • Unusual beaches with Martian landscapes
  • Authentic bays
  • Magnificent rocks
  • Impressive architectural monuments and many other unique places

You can choose a dress for any location in our catalog - delicate pastel, brighter and more provocative, romantic floral or royal with sparkles. We shoot at any time of the day, depending on the client's wishes regarding pictures' style and color palette.

How much will photography from Santorini cost??

We offer a professional photographer in Santorini (Greece) and several related services for shooting preparation. In the photoshoot prices section, you can see several packages. Among them are basic ones with a one-hour photoshoot duration and VIP, exclusive ones with additional services (make-up and hairdo, an assistant to make the dress fly, a short video for Instagram, etc.). A prerequisite is the rental of a dress for shooting. You can choose either one outfit or 2-3-4 to change looks. Dresses look live even more luxurious than in the photo. High-quality, expensive fabrics, and exclusive tailoring guarantee your stylish, expensive look. If necessary, we organize a preliminary fitting of the outfit. Still, in any case, we help with the correct size selection and fitting of the dress to the figure before the shooting itself.
We invite you to view our portfolio and get inspired by the landscapes of Santorini and creative ideas for your photo shoot. We promise - the process will be comfortable and memorable, and the result will exceed expectations.