SantoriniDress photoshoots: FAQ

Where do you make your photoshoots?

Our  № 1 location is Santorini island, Greece. Since October 2019 our photographers are also constantly available in Italy (firstly in CinqueTerre and Tuscany, other destinations are also available on request).


In Santorini, you can choose between plenty of locations. If it is about iconic views with white houses, blue roofs, and sea views,  Imerovigli village is the best choice. Other villages (Pyrgos, Kolombous etc.) are good options as well. Visit a gallery with available locations to choose easily!

Can you make a couple or a group photoshoot?

Yes. Our rates don’t depend on the number of people. The base price will remain the same, but you will be required to pay for additional dresses and additional hours (if needed). We now also have special packages for big groups.

What time of day is better for a photoshoot?

In the morning the lighting has a higher contrast, so all the colors look brighter and more saturated. But in the afternoon, before the sunset, the lighting is also good and milder for your eyes. You have sunset on pictures as well. So it's up to you to decide which time is better for you.

How many photos will I get?

The way it works:

Step 1: you receive all the photo previews within 14 days after shooting.

Step 2:  you choose the best photos you like the most for artistic retouch & photos for color correction and send us the numbers.

Step 3: you receive ready photos in 2 formats: web-resolution with our copyright (for Internet publications) and photos in the original resolution (high quality). 


The number of corrected photos you get depends on the package.