Proposal to remember

A surprise proposal photoshoot is a perfect chance to turn your marriage proposal Santorini into the most incredible memory your beloved one will cherish


An engagement is a unique experience, especially if it’s planned as a stunning Santorini proposal. Some couples may opt for a modest private moment. Yet, the occasion is so exciting and sentimental that it’s worth being beautifully staged and captured in emotional Santorini engagement photos that you will undoubtedly enjoy decades later

SantoriniDress is happy to offer a variety of engagement packages to secure your flawlessly crafted and carefully planned Santorini engagement and make your future spouse glare with joy. We will be there for you on every step of this romantic journey, ready to make your special day truly exclusive and stress-free

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TRANSPORTATION comfortable transportation to the photoshoot location
LOCATION A perfect photoshoot venue prepared
FLOWY DRESS A breathtaking long flowy dress for engagement photoshoot
PHOTOGRAPHER A skilled Santorini proposal photographer
ASSISTANTS A team of professional assistants and stylists ​
DETAILS Every little romantic detail is coordinated