Flying Dress Photoshoot on Skaros

A beautiful location on a cliff, but too hard to reach. Please think twice before going there since the road takes a lot of effort: lots of steps, slippery rocks, and thorny plants. The road leads along the cliff, which is hard, especially during hot weather. And the most important is a risk of rock collapses on the way there, which even increased this year (2021)… This is really dangerous for life…
Flying Dress Photoshoot in Skaros Book photoshoot in Skaros

If you still want this exact location for your photoshoot, please note that the SantoriniDress team only makes the photoshoot starting from 1 hour there, and if you choose this location, it will be the only location that is gonna be used during the shoot. The time will be counted including the time to get there, starting from Imerovigli.