What to Wear in Santorini

Planning a trip to the paradise island of Greece? We recommend handling tickets, hotel selection,

and planning for visiting attractions in advance. But the most important thing to consider before your flight is what you will wear on the island. We want to warn you right away that Santorini is quite warm, and in season, it is hot, so you should pack only a few suitcases of the best clothing. While staying here, you realize you need more time for outfits. You want to endlessly enjoy the unity of the island's landscapes, the caldera, the volcano, and the cute houses that cascade down to the foot of the cliffs.

A combination of colors of the island landscape for inspiration in creating ideas for clothing

What to wear in Santorini? For walks along the streets of the villages and visiting establishments, you will need just a few outfits. We recommend choosing lighter, light fabrics that allow air to pass through, do not steam, and do not squeeze the body. Every corner here is perfect for taking a few shots, so we recommend choosing combinable looks that look good on a white background with blue details and on the texture of stones, clay, and wood.

Are you looking for the perfect dress for shooting in Greece?

You don't need to worry about Santorini outfits if you want to organize a professional shoot. In such cases, our team comes to the rescue. We schedule photo shoots and, most importantly, provide flying dresses for rent to create the perfect picture. It is our outfits that will give the image sophistication and lightness. In a floating dress, you will find harmony with nature, allowing you to create the perfect frame composition.

If you want to order a photo shoot in Greece, leave a request on our website or conveniently contact us. On the pages of our online travel guide, we also talk about the best locations on the island, popular establishments, luxury resorts, best beaches, and much more. Follow our Blog to quickly arrange the best trip of your life.

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