What to See in Santorini in 1 Day

To feel the atmosphere of Greece, booking a hotel or villa in this area is optional. You can arrive in Santorini by ferry or boat for one day to walk the streets of the villages, visit the sights, and admire the sunset. The slopes of snow-white houses that descend into the blue azure of the sea, the majesty of the mountains that surround from all sides, and the endless waters fascinate with their beauty.

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Planning a trip to Santorini and deciding what to see on the island? First of all, you should thoroughly enjoy the surrounding architecture. The traditional white color of houses has practical and cultural significance. It is an available covering material and a symbol of cleansing homes from evil spirits. Blue roof buildings complement the white facades and create a visually stunning contrast against the background of the deep blue sea and clear sky. The origin of the blue color is explained by the belief that painting the roofs blue will appease the gods, ward off evil spirits, and bring good luck to the residents.

In 1 day in Santorini, you should visit one of the area's famous beaches. Perissa and Perivolos, Kamari, Red Beach, Amoudi, and Vlychada will amaze you with volcanic sand or black pebbles under your feet, pleasant sun, and beauty all around. Also, take advantage of the opportunity to visit the ruins of the ancient city of Tera. A small part of it has been excavated by archaeologists, which allows you to appreciate artifacts, frescoes, and ancient architecture.

"The Heart of Santorini" is a place where the magic of nature intertwines with its beauty and captivates everyone. We invite you to explore this unique place and discover what makes it special for lovers and those who want to experience the authentic Greek flavor. Another popular activity on the island is the Santorini Volcano & Hot Springs Tour. Such a walk fascinates with its beauty, extraordinaryness, and romance at the same time. Do you want to know more about the exciting places of Santorini? We have developed an online guide where you will find information about flights, excursions, photoshoot prices, traditions, the best restaurants and hotels on the island, and much more.

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