Weather in Santorini, Greece

The island of Santorini is a place where the Mediterranean climate prevails, which tourists most like. It usually has a hot summer without rain and a fairly mild winter with frequent precipitation.

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When is the best time to go to Greece?
Before visiting the island, which impresses you with its views of the endless blue of the Aegean Sea and white houses located in a cascade, you need to prepare in advance. First, it is necessary to find out the most suitable period for the trip.

 April - the beginning of May is the period when the sea water warms up enough for the opening of the bathing season in the resorts of Greece. The mildness of the country's climate allows for sea swimming until mid-autumn. In winter, the temperature below 5 degrees is not typical for the territory of Santorini. Mountain peaks are covered with snow all year round, and areas near the shores of the seas see it much less often. June, July, and August are the hottest and most suitable for sunbathing and swimming. The air temperature is kept at a level, and above 30 degrees. The nights are warm enough for romantic walks. The water temperature reaches 24 degrees.

It is the weather on the island of Santorini that attracts tourists. The most pleasant temperature for recreation lasts from the beginning of September to the end of October. We suggest you check our forecasts and visit places that inspire and soothe.

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