Water Sports in Santorini

Watersport is widely developed in Santorini. Various types of active recreation are available for tourists, which allow you to get a fantastic experience:

  • diving - the opportunity to dive underwater in a special suit with special equipment that provides the necessary air supply;
  • snorkeling - swimming underwater with a mask, snorkel, and flippers, during which you can observe the beautiful underwater world and its inhabitants without the need for a specific diving experience;
  • Water skiing and motorcycling were exciting experiences with a lot of positive emotions.

Deciding to vacation in Greece?

When in Kamari, you're in for a treat with the plethora of watersports available. At the renowned Volcano Dive Center, you can rest assured of a safe and enjoyable experience. With their team of professional instructors and top-notch equipment, your adventure is in good hands.

On the beach, there is an opportunity to engage in various types of watersports, among which, for example:

Sapsurfing - you need to navigate the waves on a board, using a paddle to help you;

Water skiing and wakeboarding - attached to a motorboat with a rope and requiring you to apply balance while gliding quickly across the surface of the sea;

Kayaking - traveling in a particular small personal boat with a paddle;

Windsurfing - used for riding the waves under the force of the wind;

Catamaran - ideal for sailing.

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