Venetian Castle in Akrotiri

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Santorini - amazing beaches and many historical sights

Vacationers have the opportunity to sunbathe and swim. For those who want to get acquainted with the remains of ancient civilization, it is worth visiting the former castle in the center of Akrotiri village. It was built in the 13th century and became one of the most secure and protected fortresses. Today, the structure is almost ruined. Venetian castle Akrotiri was first damaged during the Turkish conquest of the island in 1617 and then in the mid-20th century (1956) by an earthquake.

Venetian Castle Akrotiri, Greece, is an exciting place for photography lovers.

This architectural site is often visited by tourists. The remaining ruins show a special type of masonry wall made of unusually shaped stones. On the castle's territory is a medieval tower. It houses a collection of preserved tools and a traditional workshop. History buffs will appreciate the magnificent castle or rather, what remains of it.

How do I get to Akrotiri from Fira? The distance is approximately 10 km. It can be traveled quickly by shuttle bus, which runs from the station every half hour, or by cab or rented car.

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