Vacation to Santorini, Greece. Outstanding Greek Island with Blue Roofs

If you were browsing which Greek island has the blue roofs, here is the ultimate information about Santorini – one of the special symbols of this country. It is the most famous Greek island with blue roofs, Santorini pictures can be found in many guidebooks. Its white houses with blue domes, blue frames of windows, and doors are located on the rocks, sculpted almost vertically one above the other. Therefore, from anywhere in the city – an amazing view of the sea, the crater of the volcano, and Santorini white houses.

Why Santorini is white and blue? Probably it is the most frequently asked question about this wonderful place. The houses are painted this way for a specific reason. True, there are two different versions, one political, the other mystical:

  • According to the first version, during the Second World War, when the Germans who occupied the island forbade proud Greek citizens to hang Greek flags, Santorini residents painted their houses in the colors of the Greek flag (blue and white) overnight.

  • The second story tells that some superstitious people believe that restless souls do not want to fly to heaven but seek to penetrate the earth into houses. That is why Santorini blue roofs are designed to disorient evil spirits, let them think that this is the sky, get confused, and fly away.

Even the legend of the deceased Atlantis attracts tourists to the island. The death of this island, described by Plato, by all indications resembles the eruption of the Santorini volcano, which occurred about 1650 thousand BCE. The eruption was so large that as a result of its crater, the volcano failed and a huge caldera formed, which was immediately filled by the sea. Almost the entire island went underwater what we are seeing today is its edges. From the ancient island volcano, there was only the currently visible crescent with a cliff of more than 300 m in the western part and gentle beaches in the eastern part.

But today, the Greek island Santorini is a small paradise. No one thinks of disasters, admiring the calm sea and the blue-white settlement flooded with the sun on the elephants of the rock.

If you wonder what part of Santorini has the blue roofs, relax – the whole island is full of these magical blue domes. That's exactly why this place has gained popularity among tourists – its postcard views of Santorini caldera, white and blue houses, and luxury hotels allow nobody to stay indifferent.

And the village of Oia can rightfully be considered a visiting card of this Greek island with white houses and blue roofs. Oia Santorini pictures and famous sunsets attract tourists all over the world to Greece. Rather, it is not even a city, but a village – a settlement where fewer than two thousand people live. Yes, Oia is small. But incredibly beautiful! It is located in the northwestern part of the island at an altitude of 100 meters above sea level. It captivates with its architecture, silence, and picturesque panoramas.

Santorini is not just a very romantic island: couples from all over the world fly here for a romantic vacation or honeymoon trip. And this blue and white Greek island offers lovers a unique setting. The rooms are almost everywhere doubled, there are two-seater quad bikes and minicars for rent, and even the menu in the restaurant includes dishes for two. In the morning, there are many wedding photoshoots on the streets and roofs of the village. It’s like a wedding cake: puff “cakes” of volcanic rock and “whipped cream” – snow-white houses. According to an ancient legend, a wedding held here holds together hearts in love forever.

If you want to have a Santorini wedding, we recommend you read the Wedding Planner – Magical Santorini Wedding Organization. Here everything breathes love. Each street opens up a new breathtaking view: dollhouses, painted staircases, tiny observation decks. It is simply impossible to visit the famous Greek island with white houses and not arrange a Santorini photoshoot because this place is the most photographed in the whole world! In addition to the beautiful caldera and luxurious villas, Santorini island is rich in picturesque landscapes, unusual beaches, and amazingly beautiful Greek churches, which will be a wonderful decoration for a photoshoot in Greece.

To make pictures especially atmospheric, we advise you to arrange a flying dress photoshoot in Santorini and spend an unforgattable time with your loved one at sunset. Check out Flying Dress Photoshoot Locations. Spots to Take Best Santorini Sunset Pictures to choose the best photo spots in Santorini.

To have such an amazing photoshoot experience is possible only in this magical place. So take your soulmate and go to the island of dreams! Just do not sit in the hotel! These magnificent landscapes seem to be specially created for the camera lens, and hugs and kisses on the edge of the cliff in combination with breathtaking natural landscapes will forever remain in your hearts.

The resort is known all over the world for its spectacular landscapes, clear sea, red, white, and black beaches, and small towns and villages. Tourists are most impressed by the landscape of the west coast, where there are huge, steep cliffs with white houses on top, which smoothly descend to the water. The island of Santorini, with an excellent, breathtaking view against the background of the blue Aegean Sea, beckons tourists to spend the best vacation in life.

Best place to visit in Greece

Tourists who go on holidays in Santorini are divided into two types. Some prefer spending time on the beach, while others try to get to know the area as best as possible by going on mini-trips. The first enjoys pleasant to-the-touch sand resulting from an eruption in pumice, ash and volcanic lava. It is surrounded by majestic cliffs in the emerald cut of local vegetation. And others go to explore the city of Fira on top of volcanic rock, the museum of prehistoric Thera, ancient Akrotiri, the Art Space Gallery, the Greek fishing port of Ammoudi, volcanic islands and hot springs, The Charming Prophet Elias Monastery and much more.

Do you want an amazing photo session on the beach?

If you decide to go on vacation to the island of Santorini in 2023, then be sure to add wine and local delicacies tasting at Santo Wines or Venetsanos Winery to the list of "must-visit" places. This will allow you to penetrate the authentic atmosphere of Greece. It will also be an incredible idea to capture the happy moments of your vacation. You can order the services of a photographer and rent a flying dress on our website. An outfit in such a dress will give the frame more effect, lightness, and magic. We will be glad if you take advantage of our offer.

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