Underwater Dive in Dubai

Dubai has the world's deepest pool (60 meters) for diving, which is:

  • Perfect for both independent diving and guided tours.
  • Located inside a 1,500 square-meter oyster-shaped structure.
  • You can create an exciting atmosphere with modern sound and lighting systems.
  • Has various buildings of a seemingly sunken city.
  • Provides complete safety for visitors.

The pool maintains a comfortable water temperature of 30 degrees Celsius.

There are various exciting diving spots around Dubai

To explore the underwater depths in the open space, you can dive in Dubai in the Arabian Sea Gulf and along the coast of Fujairah Island.

Both experienced, and novice divers with an instructor can dive to a depth of 30 meters to the sunken ship Zainab or use the opportunity to observe the life of marine life.

Sites near

Many Dubai tour operators (Al Boom Diving, Nemo Diving Center, and others) organize diving tours to Fujairah starting at 300 dirhams.

On the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo territory, you can explore the underwater depths with thousands of representatives of the marine fauna - the price starts at 600 dirhams.

The professional pool staff, aquarium, and other centers conduct diving courses, provide tips, and organize special programs for diving.

Dubai has many beautiful beaches and places for various outdoor activities, including diving. The Santorini Dress team invites men to take care of their women and book a flying dress photoshoot. You will get a pleasant diving experience, and they will get beautiful pictures to remember your vacation.

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