Traditional Food and Restaurants in Maldives

For many Maldives, it's about healthy eating, fresh fruit, and freshly caught seafood. It is really so. 

The cuisine of this area is based on Arab and Indian traditions, in which rice, fish, spices, and hot seasonings are used. Food in the Maldives mesmerizes the taste buds and raises the culinary experience to a higher level. You will see this when you visit an authentic restaurant.

Try the best traditional dishes on the coast of the Indian Ocean 

Boiled tuna with rice is considered the main dish in restaurants in the Maldives. This dish is served in a coconut milk and pepper curry sauce with lime, onion, and chili. A local delicacy for Europeans is roshi (bread). Popular desserts include Saagu Bondibai (sabudana or tapioca pudding made with coconut milk and condensed milk) and Aluvi Boakibaa (an exotic coconut dessert).

The top 10 restaurants worth visiting to enjoy the authentic taste of local cuisine include:

  • The Cloud Restaurant
  • Reel Line Cafe
  • Kalhu Odi
  • Thila
  • Red Snapper and Coffee Beans Reserve
  • Steak & Coffee Bar
  • Oceana Garden
  • Tandoori Flames Male
  • Sea Salt Restaurant
  • Fisherman's Boat.

There are also many others, no less refined, tasty, and famous. Read more about them on the pages of our website.

Would you like to visit luxury places?

If you like to travel and taste new dishes, then the islands of the Indian Ocean will surprise your receptors. A vacation here will be a gastronomic pleasure for all fish lovers who want to taste exotic coastal cuisine and reef fish cutlets at one of them. You can find more about entertainment, places of interest, and the best restaurants on the santorinidress website. Here you will try something new and extreme.

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