The Lost Chambers Aquarium in Dubai

To fill yourself with impressions and new emotions, we suggest visiting the world's most popular Aquarium - The Lost Chambers in Dubai. This is a place where you can immerse yourself in the fascinating world of underwater wonders and discover the mystery of lost civilizations. By booking your ticket in advance, you can get to know sharks, rays, piranhas, lobsters, small seahorses, and other inhabitants of the depths of the sea up close.

Visit a seabed excursion at a convenient time for you

The Lost Chambers Aquarium consists of 10 pavilions connected by a system of tunnels and observation rooms. During the tour, you can see the ruins of an ancient city and the remains of sunken ships through glass walls that are absolutely safe for visitors. There are also holes through which you can get in touch with animals, which number 65,000 units. The opening times of the establishment are 10:00, and the ticket costs 155 dirhams for adults and 115 dirhams for children. Local residents receive additional discounts. 21:00 is the closing time. After you exit, you can enjoy a walk along the coast near Atlantis, The Palm. This is one of the most popular locations in the city, where many other attractions are located.

To get to the Dubai Aquarium, it is worth taking care of tickets in advance by ordering them on the website. In addition to a regular underwater walk, you can book a yoga class, a workshop for a child, an underwater exploration, and much more. More information about organizing the best trip of your life can be found on the pages of our online guide Santorinidress. Here we tell you about the best hotel complexes, restaurants, entertainment programs, attractions, locations for photoshoots, and much more.

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