Temperature in Maldives

Maldives is always incredible. Each season is remarkable and makes the rest different. What is the clima- 

te here? The subtropical monsoon climate prevails here, so it is always warm. The excellent conditions on the islands of the Indian coast are created for the rest of the soul and body. Luxurious sandy beaches, an endless ocean, exotic fruits, absolute peace, privacy, and seclusion from the everyday hustle and bustle await you. Summer here lasts all year round, and pleasant coolness and freshness are provided by short-term torrential rains followed by mesmerizing sunsets.

 Are you going on vacation in June, July, or August?

Hundreds of tiny islands attract tourists from all over the world. It is warm here in summer and winter. The average air temperature in the Maldives throughout the year is kept at the level of +25 - +30°C, but do not forget about torrential rains and high humidity.

To choose the best time for a vacation in the Maldives, we have prepared an overview of the weather by month:

  • December, January, and February - are the most suitable travel periods. At this time, there is a cloudless sky, a calm ocean, rare rains, the water temperature is +25 - +28°C, and the humidity is kept at the level of 80%;
  • March and April is also a good time for rest, although sometimes you may be caught in the rain. The ocean must be calm for snorkeling and diving;
  • May, June, July, August, and September - a period that delights surfers. It rains often but ends quickly, it is hot, there are gusts of wind, and the temperature reaches more than +30 - +35°C;
  • October, and December – transitional months when the water clears, storms subside, greenery comes to life, and everything prepares for the golden season.

Each of these periods is special in its own way. We guarantee that, in any case, you will remember such a vacation. And it is possible not only to place it in your memory but with the help of professional shooting. A flying dress, which can be rented on our website, is an ideal addition to the picture. If you have any questions, we await your application online.

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