Ski Dubai

Have you ever seen snow in the middle of the desert? Yes, it's hard to imagine, but it's pretty simple to see for yourself. All you need to do is book your tickets online and visit the Mall of the Emirates shopping and entertainment center. The world's largest indoor ski resort, Ski Dubai, is located in this location. It covers an area of 22,500 square meters and offers visitors a variety of entertainment and opportunities for active recreation.

What time does the facility open?

Ski Dubai is a highlight among entertainment locations in the United Arab Emirates. This complex contains a real ski slope with different difficulty levels, from beginners to professionals. The entire area is snow-covered, creating the impression of a real winter fairy tale at any time of year. For those who do not want to ski or snowboard but want to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of snow, there are particular areas for sledding and snowball fights.

For everyone who wants to visit, this establishment has convenient working hours. You can come here from the shopping center opening - at 10 am, and leave at its closing - at 11 pm. There are recreation areas, food outlets, and even a zoo on the territory, where penguins and other alpine animals can be seen in their natural habitat. Additionally, you can rent equipment, book group and private lessons in skiing or snowboarding, and visit restaurants and cafes with stunning views of the ski slope.

The Ski Dubai winter resort is located next to the Mall of the Emirates shopping center, which has a variety of shops, hotels, attractions, restaurants, cinemas, and bowling alleys. Everything here is created for tourists in the UAE - a convenient location, with the ability to get around by public transport and working hours for unlimited time in entertainment.

Have time to try all the entertainment before the complex closes.

Ski Dubai is the perfect place to relax from the heat and recharge with new emotions. In addition to the entertainment at the ski resort, visitors can visit the aquarium, which is located nearby, or go to the old part of the city. We tell you about this and many other attractions on the pages of our online guide, Santorinidress. On our website, you can find the best hotels, restaurants, night establishments, spa centers, etc., in the UAE.

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