Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai

Dubai is known for its rapid development and innovative technologies. The city has some of the world's best materials, methods, tools, views, and creations. Even the streets are given special attention. It may surprise some people that a road is so important, but for locals and connoisseurs of local culture and history, Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai symbolizes greatness and innovation.

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This road is named after the first president of the United Arab Emirates. It stretches along the entire length of the city - 55 km, serving as the main connecting link between critical areas. Why is so much attention paid to it? Because this highway is an engineering marvel, multi-lane dividers, high-tech overpasses, and efficient lighting systems create the impression of a high technical standard.

Along the entire length of the road, there are the best works of architectural art. Along Sheikh Zayed Road, you can see the splendor of modernist buildings, majestic skyscrapers, shopping malls, banks, office buildings, and restaurants that attract entrepreneurs worldwide. But an interesting fact for many is that the world-famous UAE road has a closing time and a toll. It is open from noon to midnight and costs 4 dirhams.

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