Santorini Volcano & Hot Springs

Santorini is known for its breathtaking landscapes and endless sea and its entertainment and opportunities to spend time actively. You should spend part of your vacation by the pool, watching the sunset and enjoying local delicacies. But remember to visit the sights of Greece. You can see dozens of options presented on our website. It can be a calm boat tour along the coast with a loved one or going out into the open sea to jump into the water and have fun with friends.

Best active trip in Greece

One of the popular activities on the island is the Santorini Volcano & Hot Springs Tour. Such a walk fascinates me with its beauty, extraordinariness, and romance at the same time. During the excursion, you will Get off Santorini’s main island and explore the volcanic islets around it, which are home to unique volcanic landscapes. We will visit two islets accessible only by boat. Also, you will sail to Nea Kameni to hike up to the crater of the active Santorini volcano. 

The program also includes a path to Palea Kameni, where you can soak in naturally-heated pools. Santorini hot springs are known for their healing and relaxing properties, which positively affect the body and well-being. The duration of the tour is 3 hours, and the price starts from $28 per person.

Are you dreaming of arranging a shooting against the background of the best Greek hotel?

You should take care of a photo shoot for your vacation to be the best it can be and to have great memories for a lifetime. So, you can visit the territory of a beautiful hotel, a place of interest, or simply do it against the background of an enchanting landscape. You can find more details about the photographer in Greece service on our website. As a result, you will get incredible photos with a view of houses cascading down to the blue sea and beaches with white and black volcanic sand that are so attractive to tourists.

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