Santorini Transport. Guide On How To Get Around In Santorini

A vacation in Greece is a great choice! A list of attractions that you want to see is defined. The question arises – how to travel in Santorini? There are many options of transport in Santorini – a car, taxi, ATV, boat, donkey, and even cable car.

In this article, we share recommendations on different Santorini transportation options:

1. On foot

Recommended walking routes include a walk from Fira to Oia (the road is much harder on the back due to the constant mountain climbing), as well as the route from Perissa to Kamari. Local views and nature are breathtaking! We recommend that you do not walk around the island along the roads – this is too dangerous. The roads in Santorini are narrow, winding, and without curbs. Locals love to scam, and driver-tourists are not always good at driving. Also, the danger is a large number of mopeds and ATVs.

2. Taxi

In the high tourist season, it is better to order a taxi on Santorini in advance. There are only 39 vehicles on the island, so there are not enough cars for all. This is one of the options to get from the Santorini airport to the hotel. But it is important to understand that due to the year-round popularity of the island for tourists, the cost of the trip is quite high and the waiting time for the transfer is long.

3. Santorini buses ~ 2 EUR

There are many buses in Santorini with a frequency of 30 minutes – to 1 hour. It is the only public transport in Santorini. Stops are not outwardly typical of Europe: these are white enclosed areas with low roofs. Sometimes buses do not follow the Santorini bus schedule, and local drivers are not welcoming.

There are air conditioners inside the buses, and during the high tourist season, the transportation in Santorini is crowded with passengers. In the majority of cases, tickets are sold on the bus: there is a ticket for each route, which is available at the end of the day and will issue tickets.

Bus tickets must be saved until the end of the trip – the inspector will surely check them during the trip.

4. Auto ~ 45 EUR

Car rental is also a good Santorini transportation option. The presence of an international driving license is not necessary but highly recommended: without them, insurance will not cover the costs of an accident. There are many tourists on the roads in Santorini, and because of this, there is an unsafe road situation: many people drive according to the laws or customs of their country.

If you are a novice driver and not confident in your abilities, it is best not to travel to Santorini by ferry with a rented car. A steep climb with numerous turns leading from the port upwards may well seem to you an insurmountable obstacle.

After you choose the transport on Santorini for yourself, immediately go on a trip to the incredible island and see the best views in Santorini. You may learn how to spend an ideal holiday from the article about What To Do In Santorini. Top-6 Things.

Santorini is a fairly small island, however, there is something to see and where to go – every turn of it hides an amazing landscape, a picturesque village, or a cozy city that you need to see. You will also find everything to relax in: luxury hotels, incredible Santorini villas, and the best beaches with incredible sunset views.

This Greek island with blue roofs is wonderful because here you can plan an unrealistic vacation that you will remember all your life without planning a route. Do not forget to capture these impressions forever in your memory and arrange a photoshoot.

Santorini is an island with a very well-developed infrastructure. There are absolutely no problems with moving, buying something, or looking for adventures here.

Arriving here, you will not feel any discomfort at all about getting to the hotel, on an excursion, or to another necessary place. It has its own small airport connected to international airports, two seaports of Athenos and Fire, ideal highways, local taxi, and public transport.

How to travel around the island?

For your convenience, you can use the rental of transport in Greece on the island of Santorini. This applies not only to cars but also to yachts, helicopters, private carriers, etc. Here it is easy to call a taxi or catch a bus, which is the most budget-friendly and quite convenient option. It is essential to mention the ferry. After all, this transport connects this island with many other cities, such as Athens, where the international airport is located. So there are no problems with transportation in Santorini. Therefore, we invite you to visit a picturesque region with an impressive coastline and magical sunsets.

If you want to use additional services, all the necessary information is available on our SantoriniDress website. For example, you can find answers to queries:

  • How to get there from Europe;

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  • Must-Do Things in Island and many others.

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