Santorini Population

The local residents of the island of Santorini are really incredibly lucky. Just imagine how you enjoy a heavenly place on the planet all year round. At the same time, in order for this place to attract tourists, the population of the island plays an important role in preserving traditions and enriching its hospitality and cultural heritage. Today they consist of cultural and ethnic groups of Greeks, Albanians and other nationalities. Every year, thousands of tourists come to the local island to better understand this extraordinary corner of Greece.

How many tourists visit Santorini in summer?

Santorini is the pearl of the Aegean Sea, best known for its breathtaking sunsets and crystal clear waters. This unique Greek island is steeped in incredible scenery and cultural richness, attracting masses of tourists eager to enjoy its beauty.

The tourist season in Santorini usually starts in late April or early May and lasts until October. This period corresponds to the warm summer months, when the weather is ideal for relaxing on the beaches, island tours and romantic photoshoots for lovers. During this period, the number of tourists increases significantly. According to data, the number of tourists can reach approximately 2 million or more per year, most of which arrive in the summer.

Meeting guests from all over the world, Santorini population creates a special atmosphere of hospitality and friendliness, which makes it one of the most enviable and favorite tourist destinations in the world.

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