Proposal Photoshoot Ideas. How to Make Fabulous Santorini Engagement

A proposal in Santorini is a special and heartwarming moment that both of you would like to remember and capture forever. A proposal photoshoot is the greatest way to ask your girlfriend to be with you for the rest of your life and make it memorable.

We’ve prepared a step-by-step guide that will help you arrange the perfect Santorini proposal and get the most outstanding Santorini engagement photos.

1. Choose a special place

Special moments usually happen in special places. Try to choose a location that has a particular meaning for both of you: your first country together or a dream destination.

If it’s difficult for you to choose, we recommend considering a Santorini vacation as a great occasion for engagement. Santorini blue roofs, white houses, and sea waves are the best photo backgrounds.

2. Decide on the long flowy dress for engagement photoshoot

A flowy engagement dress is not just a detail but a key element that creates a photoshoot concept. Moreover, it’s a very important moment in your couple's life, so make sure that everything is perfect.

If you’re planning to choose Santorini island, we recommend Santorini flying dress rental as a proposal dress for your beloved. First of all, she will be surprised by the idea of this decision. Second of all, if you’re planning a vacation to Greece islands, a Santorini dress rental would be a more convenient choice.

3. Discuss details with a Santorini engagement photographer

One of the most important points of an amazing proposal photoshoot is to be on the same wavelength as the photographer. Here are some topics you should discuss in advance:

  • Surprise — in a secret photoshoot it’s important not to spoil the intrigue. Make sure that the Santorini proposal photographer knows about your intentions and will support them.

  • Concept — no matter what country or location you choose, it’s important to have a general photo concept. For example, you can arrange a sunset photoshoot. Ideas for this type of photo session can be found in the article Flying Dress Photoshoot Locations. Best Santorini Sunset Spots.

  • The right moment — agree on a place and moment when you will propose. You and the proposal photographer need to be ready for it and do everything according to the plan.


You may arrange a photoshoot with SantoriniDress as an occasion to take proposal pictures. So your beloved will not have a clue about anything – she will think that it’s just a flying dress photoshoot to capture memories about your Santorini vacation. Yet, she will be perfectly prepared (makeup & hairstyle), and that is why will look amazing during this flowing dress photoshoot.

SantoriniDress is an official flying dress company that offers a wide range of flying dresses for photoshoot, so you can get your girlfriend’s favorite color and style. To explore more dresses for proposal check the catalogue and proposal photo ideas

If we’ve managed to convince you that a proposal photoshoot in Santorini is the best way to propose to your girlfriend, it’s time to make some preparations. Follow our guide and your precious moments will delight you and your beloved all your life.

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