Prophet Elias Monastery in Santorini

Prophet Elias Monastery:

  • holds historical significance;
  • is a masterpiece of Cycladic architecture;
  • attracts numerous tourists from various countries;
  • is located at the highest point of Santorini island - 567 meters above sea level;
  • has retained its grandeur and unique atmosphere;
  • offers breathtaking views from its cliffside viewpoint.

The monastery is home to a few monks and houses the relics of saints, ancient icons, handwritten books, and a collection of rare ecclesiastical items.

Are you planning a vacation in Greece?

Besides relaxing on the beach and swimming in the pleasant seawater, you can visit various attractions. For instance, the Prophet Elias Monastery is a few kilometers from the village of Pyrgos Kallistis on the island of Thira. Built-in 1712, it is one of the oldest monasteries on the island. A winding road leads to it, passing through rocks with stunning natural landscapes and vineyards. Despite significant damage from the 1956 earthquake, the monastery remains a popular tourist destination.

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