Santorini Dress Photoshoot. Various Flying Dress Colors for Different Women Types

You probably have noticed that the dress which fits perfectly on your figure could not shape & fit. Why? It is all about the dress color!

Each person has a unique flavor. Depending on the color of the hair, eyes, skin, and many other factors, each has a unique combination of colors and shades – this set of features is called a person’s color type.

If you are organizing your dream Santorini photo shoot, it is forbidden to miscalculate a dress color! We have put together some tips on how to choose dress colour for your type to ease this task for you.

1. Determine skin tone

You will need a well-lit room and large mirror, and several pieces of fabric in different colors. First, you need to determine the "temperature" of your color type. Choose one color, for example, red, and experiment with its shades – coral, caustic pink, cherry, orange. The shades must be in both cold and warm colors.

Evaluate how the shades are combined with your skin color, when the face looks fresh and ruddy, do your eyes and lips stand out, or do they fade and become inexpressive. Cold color types come to life in pink or berry shades. A warm color types in earthy colors, especially golden yellow.

2. Determine your exact color type

It is crucial to test without makeup! If the hair is colored, it must be removed from the face so that it does not affect perception.

  • Color type "Spring"

The characteristic features of the "spring" girls are thin, almost transparent, fair skin. The natural color of the hair is mainly warm shades of blonde and light blonde – wheat, honey, golden. Eyes of light shades: light blue and grey, light brown, light green. They are framed by light eyebrows and eyelashes. Girls of this color type are characterized by children's light blush and delicate pink lips. People with the color type "spring" quickly burn out in the sun and have light freckles during summer.

What will adorn the "Spring"?

Dress colors for fair skin: warm and fresh shades – peach, warm pink, apricot, orange, red, golden, cream, red. Different shades of green dresses will look perfect – the colors of young foliage, apple, aquamarine, and golden turquoise. Salmon, apricot, peach, and light red-coral. The color of baked milk, flax, cream, beige yellow, the color of milk chocolate, brown-purple, and sparkling gold.

Shades not recommended: dazzling white, cool pink, gray-silver, charcoal black.

If you plan a sunset photoshoot or flying dress photo shoot, you will suit flying bright scarlet dress #11 or fuchsia dress #42 the best.

  • Color type "Summer"

Girls of this color type are not afraid of the sun, their skin perfectly tolerates tanning and quickly becomes bronze. Natural skin tone from light pink to light grey, light blonde hair, and cold ashy shades. Eyes can be grey, grey-blue, grey-green, dark brown, and even brown. The lips are pale pink. A cold palette of shades is much more suitable for this color type.

Good dress colors for"Summer"?

Cold, smoky, pastel, like blurry tones. Looks good in pale blue, grey-white, silver, pearl, lilac, beige-grey, and denim from faded blue to deep indigo. Cold different shades of pink dresses – from light powdery to dark pink with a purple tint. Raspberry, cherry, red wine color.

Shades not recommended: distinctly warm, catchy, poisonous colors. Orange, ocher, carrot red, egg yolk color, caustic green. Black and white should also be avoided. If you are a Summer girl you will be amazing in grey dress #16 or red flying dress #46.

  • Color type "Autumn"

A perfect embodiment of "warm autumn" is the skin of golden hues, copper-colored hair from golden to bright red, and even red, a warm shade of the eyes (amber, hazel). Girls of the autumn color type do not tolerate tanning well, but a light bronze tint, even more, emphasizes their beauty.

What will decorate "Autumn"?

The whole warm palette of the autumn sky, foliage, and earth. Golden blue, azure, emerald, the color of old gold. Brown red, ocher, mustard, khaki, champagne, yellowish beige, fawn, copper, and bronze. Dark purple, red poppy, and orange.

Shades not recommended: snow white, black, pastel shades of blue and pink, cold blue.

Autumn girl will be unforgettable during flowy dress photoshoot in maxi orange dress #43, yellow satin dress #3, or Santorini blue dress #8.

  • Color type "Winter"

This expressive cold color type is characterized by contrasts in appearance: brown or dark hair, porcelain or brown skin, and dark brown, green, or blue eyes.

What will decorate the "Winter"?

Contrasting snow-white and bright black, cool cyan, blue, purple, and silver. The color of coffee, dark chocolate, hot pink, fuchsia, and steel-gray. The color type "winter" is the color of dark cherries, bright raspberries, and burgundy. If you are Winter Girl you will suit fuchsia satin dress #5 or blue satin dress #44, it is especially gorgeous in the background of the sea.

Picking up things that suit your color type is not as difficult as it might seem at first. The first step is the process of determining whether your skin tone is warm or cold. Further, a deeper analysis should be carried out, based on the combination of the color of your hair and skin, and also their distribution for either warm or cold types. If you want to choose the perfect dress style for your figure, read more in the article – Flying Dress Photoshoot. Checklist of Perfect Flowing Dress.

There is no best dress color or best colors for photoshoot for every woman, but knowing your color type will help you choose the most appropriate one for your flowing dress photoshoot. And as a result, your special Santorini pictures be excellent!

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