Perivolos Beach in Santorini

Perivolos Beach is a world-famous vacation spot thanks to its sand. What is its peculiarity? In fact, it is a crumb of solidified volcanic lava. It is famous for its black color and pleasant texture, so people come here to shoot wedding photos and pregnant photoshoots in Greece, make proposals to their loved ones, celebrate weddings, and more.

The best restaurants and hotels near the beach

Perivolos Beach has a convenient location. Here, every tourist can choose entertainment to their liking:

Sunbathe on comfortable sunbeds with umbrellas.

Play volleyball on special courts.

Go for a swim.

Go diving.

Do any other water sports.

Along the entire length of the beach, there are the best hotels, restaurants, and clubs in Santorini, Greece. For example, popular suites Orabel, Hotel "History," Apartments and suites Marillia Village, Villa Olympia, and Apartments Terra Nera. Beach bars and restaurants will provide you with drinks and delicious food so you can enjoy a comfortable vacation. You can visit Afro, Terra Nera, Perivolos Restaurant with a sea view, Seaside Santorini, and Sunny Jay. Here, you can try something new and exciting.

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