How to Organize a Magical Santorini Wedding. Detailed Wedding Planner

Are you dreaming of getting married in Santorini? This island looks like a paradise and perfect wedding venue! It is unusual for its picturesque landscapes, combining the colors of perfectly white houses, a clear sky, and the deep blue sea. The Santorini wedding is truly a fairy tale in reality for newlyweds. Lovers from all over the world plan their journey long before the cherished date because the popularity of this place makes it quite visited by future spouses. 

For the Santorini island wedding to go perfectly, you need to take into account many nuances and plan your event well.

Step 1. Decide on a Santorini wedding cost and number of guests

No matter how trite it may sound, most importantly, determine your budget. Based on this, you can already plan how many people you can invite, which wedding venue to choose (prices are widely different), how many hours to order a Santorini wedding photographer, and whether to book a restaurant or just sit in a cafe after the wedding ceremony, etc.

The number of people is also important: some Santorini wedding venues can accommodate only 7-10 guests, and for a more magnificent wedding, you need to choose a larger one. The same if you book a restaurant.

However, we advise checking and comparing different Santorini wedding packages and choosing the most appropriate for you.

Step 2. Search for a wedding agency

What could be more pleasant than holding a wedding in Santorini, because the agency is almost completely involved in the organization: bouquets, church reservations, payment of taxes and fees, a stylist for the bride, renting a car, sweets, fruits, and alcohol, rose petal baskets, music, wedding photographer services, and videographer. If you want to make some adjustments to any of the points, then it is worth informing the agents in advance, and preferably immediately during the first visit.

You can choose 2 options:

  • Go to a travel or wedding agency, which organizes weddings abroad (in your own country). The main pros are that you can come and discuss it in person. Cons: in any case, this will be the intermediary, since the Greek agency will deal with the organization of the wedding, and the intermediary will take its percentage. In this case, a wedding in Santorini cost will be an order of magnitude higher.

  • Find a wedding agency in Santorini and communicate with them remotely (if you plan a grand wedding, you can also fly to Greece to discuss all the details. Cons: all issues will have to be resolved remotely, pros: it’s much cheaper, without the “telephone game”.

💡 We gathered more information in this Insightful Wedding Photoshoot Preparation Checklist.

Step 3. Choose a Santorini wedding ceremony date

The wedding season in Santorini lasts from May to October. Depending on the month, the ideal time may shift. It is very important to know when setting the hour of the ceremony because it is held in the open air.

For the wedding to go right, the date, time, wedding venue, and a restaurant for dinner must be booked in advance. Foreigners often do this two years before the event. And since there are few closed wedding venues in Greece, Santorini, and some of them set a limit on the number of weddings per day, it is better to take care of this in advance.

Step 4. Choose a venue for the wedding ceremony

The island has a lot of beautiful Santorini wedding venues. We know that choosing the one is very difficult. Most sites are located on the territory of the villas, and vary in size, in appearance, which opens from the site. Different sites charge different rents. Small sites tend to be cheaper.

By the way, you can settle in the same villa where the wedding ceremony will take place. This is especially convenient if you plan to invite many guests – no need to be puzzled by the transfer.

The most popular Santorini, Greece wedding venues are:

  • Villa Dana Villas is a magnificent wedding venue with sea and volcano views. A snow-white tent, olive trees, and a magnificent panorama are at your disposal.

  • SantoWines restaurant is practically cut into a rocky slope, from here you can enjoy views of the Aegean Sea and unforgettable Santorini sunsets. An ideal place for a ceremony and a wedding party.

  • Villa Irini is one of the most romantic places on the island, located on the top of a rocky cliff, at an altitude of 300m above sea level.

  • Pyrgos is a traditional Greek restaurant –– surrounded by vineyards and with magnificent panoramic views of the island, mountains, and the sea.

  • Villa Agios Artemios offers a full range of wedding services. The unique location makes it possible to enjoy unforgettable views.

Any of the venues offered for a wedding in Santorini is distinguished by its excellent location. A magnificent view of the sea, an extinct volcano, and picturesque surroundings will be a wonderful bonus to the solemnity of the moment and will create a unique atmosphere of the uniqueness of what is happening.

Step 5. Hire a photographer in Santorini

It seems that nature itself has made sure that this Greek island with blue roofs becomes the perfect backdrop for wedding photos.

It is better to allocate 2-3 hours for a photoshoot walk. Especially charming photos are taken during sunset, we recommend you to read the article on the Best Santorini Locations for Sunset Photoshoot. We also advise you to arrange a photo session exclusively for the newlyweds so that the pictures turn out to be unique for the two lovers. You can also set it up with friends in the restaurant.

To save money and take perfect Santorini pictures and we recommend to borrow wedding dress for photoshoot. Check available wedding gowns, which will surely help you to get beautiful photos in Santorini.

Santorini island was created to unite the hearts of lovers and overshadow them with a heavenly blessing. You can organize a wedding yourself, but it’s still better to turn to professionals so that you don’t have to solve an endless mass of small, troublesome issues yourself.

Are you choosing where to celebrate your own wedding? The island of Santorini is the most romantic and fabulous place in the world.

The surrounding landscapes, the sound of the sea, and the tranquillity inspire give this place a mystery that makes you want to love it even more. There is a well-developed infrastructure, the best locations are located here, and there is an opportunity to turn the most cherished dream into reality, down to the smallest detail.

How to plan a wedding abroad?

It is a little extreme, but very modern to celebrate a wedding in Santorini in Greece on a private yacht. During the trip, you will visit the Volcano and bathe inside the warm springs of the Aegean Sea. In addition, you will have an unreal view of the west coast from the water, where there are massive, steep cliffs with white houses at the top, which gently descend to the water.

It is pretty tricky to implement the idea of ​​holding the happiest day for your family on your own. It is best to enlist the support of a Santorini wedding planner. He will individually select the best from a huge list of places of interest for your holiday. It can be a ceremony at Santorini Gem, Santo Winery, DANA VILLAS, etc. Or you can hold a celebration on a cozy sandy beach, pronounce vows under the dome of a snow-white tent and make a banquet in one of the best restaurants.

Let's realize your idea together!

You can find an extensive list of additional services on our website. For example, you want to capture your wedding day in memory and see and remember this event in person. In that case, we suggest hiring a photographer. You will get gorgeous photos. And if you also rent a flying dress, then it will be filled with colors, lightness, and magic.

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