Paralia Tholos Beach

Paralia Tholos is a beach with picturesque scenery and stunning views. It is the best place for a secluded vacation, with sun loungers, changing rooms, free showers, and toilets. The beach is surrounded by trees that provide enough shade for a comfortable stay. 


Hotel Paralia (Greece): Rg Status, Strass, Rena, Aris, Apartments Giotis, Sunset English Villas, Largo Seaside Retreat, RG Status, and others host many vacationers every year. They provide comfortable living conditions, first-class service, and developed entertainment infrastructure.

Restaurants offering Mediterranean, European, and Greek cuisine, a healthy specialized menu, and various types of seafood: Nautilos Taverna; Molos Fish Resto; Poseidon Tavern; Babis and Babis, and others. Among the services are outdoor tables, takeaway food, TV, free Wi-Fi, and high chairs for children.

Wine, beer, and pizza are available at the bar. 

Tholos Beach Restaurant is open from morning till late. It offers Greek cuisine and alcoholic drinks. There is a bar, free Wi-Fi, and parking for cars.

We offer a reasonable Santorini dress photoshoot cost. Contact us to capture the pleasurable moments of your stay on the amazing beach or to take photos against the backdrop of historical sights. 

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