Museum of Prehistoric Thera


One of these is the architectural heritage of the city of Tera. For fans of archeology and ancient history, this place is very fascinating. And the Museum of prehistoric Thera, located on the island of Santorini, is even more impressive. Having visited here, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of prehistoric times and reveal the secrets of the ancient Minoan civilization.

Educational tours in Santorini

In the heart of the capital of the island of Santorini is the Museum of prehistoric Thira. Nearby you can also visit the archaeological museum and art galleries. This attraction was opened in 2000 for the study, research and presentation of valuable archaeological finds from the excavations on the island of Teri. Among the exhibits, you can see ceramics, figurines, stones and fabrics, which testify to the richness of the culture and art of the ancient inhabitants. Collections are also presented, which reveal the religious rites, rituals and everyday life of these ancient civilizations.

Visitors can immerse themselves in the atmosphere of prehistoric times, try to recreate crafts and production using ancient techniques and tools. The museum in ancient Fira actively works on the restoration and preservation of archaeological artifacts, and also promotes the historical significance of the island.

If you are planning a trip to Greece, do not miss the opportunity to visit the Museum of Prehistoric Thera. It will be an exciting and educational trip that will leave you with unforgettable impressions and help you see what life was like in those distant ancient times. In each historical part of the city, you can arrange a photo shoot. More details about photoshoot locations can be found on our website.

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