Monolithos Beach in Santorini

Monolithos Beach Santorini:

  • Located about 5 km from the island's capital, Fira.
  • Features a gentle shoreline with clear water.
  • Covered with soft, black sand mixed with fine pebbles.
  • Equipped with sunbeds, umbrellas, showers, and changing cabins.
  • Due to its gradual slope and shallow water near the shore, it is ideal for families with children. It also has a playground and facilities for basketball, volleyball, and football.

This quiet, uncrowded beach, shielded from large waves by a stone dam, is a beautiful spot for tourists in Greece who prefer less crowded places. Given Monolithos Beach's proximity to the airport (about 800 meters), one of the attractions for visitors is watching large airliners take off and land.

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