Mall of the Emirates Working Hours

The shopping centers of the UAE play an entertainment role not only in the city industry but also in their architectural appearance. Mall of the Emirates has convenient work timings and is open to visitors almost around the clock. Convenient hours for shopping, many boutiques, entertainment establishments, restaurants, places of rest, and more allow you to spend a whole day here.

Do you want to know the opening hours of the shopping center so you can visit it as soon as possible?

The beginning operating hours of the shopping and entertainment center fall at 10 in the morning so that you can go for breakfast at the Lighthouse cafe. Full of strength and energy, you can proceed to the most pleasant thing - shopping. Mall of the Emirates houses hundreds of boutiques of world brands of luxury and mid-range categories. Therefore, you can purchase limited editions of clothing, accessories, and jewelry for yourself or as a gift here.

Considering the reasonably long working hours of the shopping center, you can take a break from shopping and proceed to the entertainment. They are divided into two types: more active, carefree, and calm and meaningful. For example, you can visit Magic Planet, an art gallery, or a theater. We recommend having lunch at the sophisticated More Cafe restaurant.

The establishment has a late closing time to have plenty of fun.

Mall of the Emirates closes at 23:00 hours. Therefore, you will have time to have a cup of fragrant tea at L'ETO and visit the Dremscape virtual reality park. Then you can have dinner at a restaurant and go to a movie session. If you like extreme and active entertainment, we recommend dedicating the next day to skiing on the snowy slopes at the local Ski Dubai.

You can remember the fantastic time spent forever thanks to the organization of professional photography in Dubai. Mall of the Emirates is not just a shopping center; it is a real place where luxury and comfort are combined with opportunities for entertainment, cultural leisure, and gastronomic experiences. Here, every corner can become a location for a stylish shoot. From its impressive design to its crazy selection of shops and restaurants, this complex leaves an unforgettable impression on visitors and remains one of the key attractions.

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