Large Group Photography Ideas

Do you have a large family or many friends and want photos that no one you know has? Then, we have an idea for you - a professional group photo shoot in flying dresses

How to take photos of large groups?

On the Santorini Dress website, you will find our portfolio showing examples of such shoots. The complexity of the work is to convey the emotions, posture, and character of each person well, and the more people, the more difficult it is not to lose sight of important details. Our photographers are experienced and creative; they always have ideas for creating professional photos of even a massive group of people. Main principles:

  • continuous shooting - many shots will provide more successful pictures;
  • lighting - morning, afternoon, or evening shooting gives an entirely different result. Decide which effect you like best;
  • composition - trust our professionals in this matter. We do not take standard “similar” photos, and each picture is a work of art;
  • image - each participant can choose a flying dress to their taste. Our catalog provides a wide range of unique outfits for any figure.

If you want to get unusual shots, and the idea of a professional group photo shoot in flying dresses does not leave your thoughts, do not postpone its implementation for later - contact us right now to schedule it! 

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