Kite Beach in Dubai

Another popular destination for outdoor activities is Kite Beach in Dubai. This is a snow-white beach with music, bars, an alley and other infrastructure for a pleasant pastime. This is a publicly accessible location where anyone can come to relax, gain impressions and positive emotions. If you are interested in this location to visit, we will tell you more information.

Looking for something to do when your hotels is near a popular beach?

Kite Beach is an ideal place for young people, where you can find any activity to suit your taste. Its length is 14 km, so everyone can try flyboarding, kayaking, climbing on extreme webs, and rocking out at discos. In addition to entertainment for adults, there are many opportunities for children. It is located in the Jumeirah area, and the best hotels and restaurants on the coast are nearby.

The beach has convenient opening hours. Opening hours – 10 am. You can enter the grounds to exercise, read at the local library, swim or simply sunbathe. Closing time is 22 pm, which provides the opportunity to enjoy music, dancing and cocktails from the bar. Admission is free and no prior booking is required.

Do you want to get to the best restaurants on the Jumeirah coast?

Getting to the beach from your hotel is quite easy. This can be done by taxi or public transport. The closest bus stops to Kite Beach are Manara and Enoc. You can take the metro to Mashreq 1 station and take bus 81 during a timings of 5 min. If you are spending your leisure time at Kite Beach, during your break you can go for lunch or dinner at the best restaurants nearby. For example, you can visit Bebek, Modo Jumeirah, Odeon, Lads Burger and others.

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