Karavolades Stairs in Santorini

Karavolades Stairs - a true landmark of Fira, offers:

  • Unforgettable impressions and stunning views for tourists.
  • A challenging way to descend and especially to ascend.
  • The opportunity to travel the path on a sturdy donkey.

Navigating the stairs can be uncomfortable, as animal droppings create an unpleasant odor, and climbing in hot weather can be difficult. When using the stairs, proceed cautiously and watch your step to avoid slipping. The journey takes about 20-30 minutes.

Karavolades Stairs is a historic staircase that was once the primary means of transportation between the port and the town. After the construction of the cable car, it became a popular walking route. It's important to note that donkeys carrying people have the right of way on the stairs. Tourists walking on foot should yield to the animals.

The stairs run from the upper part of the town to the old port of Fira

Enjoy the breathtaking views along the stairs while enjoying your stay in Santorini, Greece. Notably, the steps are numbered at the top, totaling 580.

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