Jumeirah Mosque in Dubai

A mosque is a place that best tells about the architecture of an Arab country and the traditions of Islam. One of these is the symbol of Dubai - the Jumeirah Mosque, located in the Jumeirah district on the bay's coast. This building houses the Center for Intercultural Communication under the patronage of Sheikh Mohammed so that anyone can visit the holy place.

Do you want to visit a place of worship for local believers?

If your visit to Dubai continues after lying on the beach and tasting local cuisine in the most famous restaurants, we suggest you comprehend something culturally grand. Jumeirah Mosque is a shrine for locals. Guided tours and talks about Islam are regularly held here as part of the Open Doors, Open Minds program. This is an ideal opportunity for a tourist to debunk myths and learn more about the United Arab Emirates.

This mosque was opened in 1979 and named after Sheikh Rashid Al Maktoum, the heir and spiritual leader of the Emirate of Dubai. You will be convinced of its grandeur by taking a tour, as the building can accommodate up to 1,200 believers. The architecture of Jumeirah is a true masterpiece, expressed in every line and detail. The vast domes, pure white walls, minarets, and unique patterns on the roofs and windows create an atmosphere of peace. The incredible beauty is especially striking at night when the lighting makes the impression of a fairytale place full of mystery and intrigue.

How long is the tour time for tourists?

You can experience the beauty of Muslim architecture during the opening hours - from Saturday to Thursday from 10:00 to 14:00. The entrance ticket and the tour cost 12 dirhams. For those who profess Islam, the entrance is free. On religious holidays, visiting the mosque by adherents of other religions is limited, as many believers come now. Employees of the Center for Cultural Interaction conducted the mosque tour. The program is conducted in English, and its average duration is 75 minutes. You can find a guide who speaks another language and can tell more about Arab history and Islam. Visitors can enter the premises with their bodies completely covered: clothing should cover the arms to the wrists and the legs above the knees. Women should cover their heads with a non-bright scarf, and before entering, you need to take off your shoes. You can purchase national clothing at the entrance to the mosque.

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