Jewelry Shops in Santorini

Most jewelry shops in Santorini are located in the capital. Among them are:

  • Babalu Art & Jewels
  • Oneiro Jewelry
  • Mitropias Jewellery by Kallisti
  • Inez Jewelry
  • Emfasis
  • Greco Gold Santorini
  • Poniros
  • Phengaropetra
  • Santorini Swarovski

Each store sells beautiful jewelry, including designer, gold, and silver jewelry with precious and semi-precious stones. These shops are interesting not only for women but also for men.

Jewelry - the best souvenir from your vacation in Greece

Every city in Santorini has attractive shopping spots. The island is famous for its many jewelry workshops and stores. Aquamarine Jewelry is one of Oia's most popular jewelry stores among tourists, offering a large selection of jewelry (rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants), courteous staff, discreet service, and stylish decor.

Visiting it, you can buy stunning pieces and learn a lot about various precious stones and metals. Mnemossyne Gallery, Santia Jewellery, Apollon Gallery, Koukla Jewelry, and Marmarini offer beautiful handmade jewelry, including pendants, rings, and other items.

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