Ifestia Festival in Santorini

Holidays in Santorini are very popular among tourists due to the romantic island's unique beauty, stunning views, landscapes, beaches, and atmosphere.

One of the main festive events on Santorini is the annual traditional Ifestia festival. This event, which begins at sunset, features fireworks, musical concerts, and installations simulating a volcanic eruption. Enjoy the masterfully organized, unique fire show. This bright event mimics the eruption of the active volcano in 1950.

In 2024, the dates for the impressive Ifestia show are September 18.

Thanks to the combination of thousands of beautifully arranged fireworks and lighting, an almost actual volcanic eruption is modeled during the Santorini festival - a fantastic spectacle. While vacationing in Greece, visit this breathtaking event with a concert program. You will gain unforgettable impressions.

In addition, Santorini hosts the Santorini Jazz Festival in July, the International Music Festival in early September, and the Megaron Gyzi Festival in August, which features exhibitions, concerts, and workshops.

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