Guided Tours in Akrotiri

Many tours of varying lengths and themes are available in Akrotiri and other towns in Santorini with professional and private guides.

How long to visit

An excursion to Akrotiri is a fascinating trip to one of the most essential Minoan settlements. It is short in duration and inexpensive. After a devastating volcanic eruption, it has been beautifully preserved. 

Thanks to experienced guides, a tour of Akrotiri with a visit to the archaeological excavations at the site of the ancient settlement will allow you to see the ruins and learn about the history of the ancient town. Your journey will be comfortable and enjoyable.

Guided tour

Akrotiri has a well-developed tourism scene, so you will find guided tour options that interest you. For example, service provider NST TRAVEL SA offers guided tours of Akrotiri for about 10 hours, during which you can visit prehistoric towns, wineries with drink tasting, and volcanic beaches. Organizer Let's Book Travel provides a guided tour that gives you the opportunity to visit the archaeological site of Akrotiri and the famous monastery of Prophet Elijah in Ia and taste authentic local wines. 

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