Good Time to Visit Dubai

If you are going to Dubai from Europe, you should remember that the UAE is a country where winter will be the pearl of your vacation. Summer here is full of heat, in which it is impossible to be. After getting off the plane, you will realize all the luxury, exoticism and modernity of this place. We have prepared for you information about the best time for weekend in Dubai in 2023, thanks to which you can determine the most suitable time for your trip and plan activities.

What time of year will your coolest trip take place?

Undoubtedly, November - April is a good time to book plane tickets and apartments and to visit Dubai. During this period, the temperature is comfortable and is around 20-25°C. You will be able to visit beaches, golf courses, and go to the exciting desert on a safari or explore the seabed. Dubai is famous for its luxury, so you can see impressive Christmas trees and the glow of colorful lights in December.

When is UAE the cheapest season? Of course, this is the period of the summer months. At this time, it is recommended to avoid long walks outdoors during the heat. You can spend more time in indoor malls, amusement parks and water parks where you can enjoy the coolness. In the spring, numerous cultural and sports events are held, which attract tourists and fans from all over the world.

Planning to organize a photo shoot in the style of the United Arab Emirates?

Choosing the best time to visit Dubai depends on your interests and ability to tolerate the heat. This country welcomes with its openness and hospitality, regardless of the season. It is important to consider only your own preferences and needs, and the impressions of the places you visit will make your trip unforgettable. For this, our Santorinidress online guide was created - which offers users only the best.

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