Frescoes in Akrotiri

Where are there durable, well-preserved frescoes? At the Akrotiri excavations, many frescoes were found to be perfectly preserved. They amaze me with their realistic images of people, objects, and animals. The emotional pictures in Akrotiri wall paintings allow you to imagine life in the ancient city. Thanks to the pronounced relief and unusual texture of the surfaces, the drawings are characterized by additional depth and volume.

Frescoes on the walls of houses of the ancient city of Akrotiri, located on the island of Santorini 

Beautiful frescoes were discovered during excavations. The variety of images in themes and styles indicates that skillful craftsmen carefully made the murals. The frescoes are characterized by high-quality execution and the use of approximately the same spectrum of colors. In addition to decorative pictures and images of nature with seascapes and land plants, they depict scenes of the everyday life of the ancient city's inhabitants. Both men and women appear in the drawings from various angles. One of the works clearly shows blossoming trees and a pier filled with people who came out to greet a ship arriving at the shore.

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