Food in Santorini

When you go on vacation to the island of Santorini, you will be amazed not only by the incredible landscapes and photoshoot locations of the colorful pearl but also by the unsurpassed gastronomy. From traditional dishes to exclusive delicacies - here every corner of paradise on Earth offers a real explosion of taste buds.

Do you want to experience the flavors of traditional Greek cuisine??

Feel the harmony with nature by trying classic Santorini foods that will transport you to the world of authentic flavors. Start with the "Greek Island Salad", where juicy cucumbers, sweet tomatoes, lettuce, and feta cheese harmoniously play a single symphony. Do not miss the opportunity to try "Moussaka" - a dish made of eggplant, potatoes, meat, and bechamel sauce, which is considered a real attraction of Greek cooking.

The seafood here is a real masterpiece. Visit fish taverns, where fresh catch from the water is turned into the most delicious dishes straight to your table. Best street snacks are popular. For example, the Calamari is expertly fried squid that melts in your mouth, while the Bacalaros, a salted cod (breakfast of dried fish, boiled potatoes, and olive oil sauce) is a must-try classic.

Visit local restaurants with popular dishes in Greece

If you prefer vegan or vegetarian dishes, then you should complement them with local wines. Santorini vineyards are an incredible place where grapes grow on mountainous volcanic soils, giving the wines a unique taste. Try Assyrtiko, which has a refreshing acidity, or Vincento, a sweet wine that is aged for several years to develop rich aromas.

At the end of the culinary journey around the island, don't neglect the desserts. Sweet masterpieces of Greek cuisine: "Baklava" (thin layers of dough with nuts and honey) and "Loukoumades" (dough meatballs fried in honey and sprinkled with powdered sugar) will definitely make your vacation sweet.

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