Flying Dress Photoshoot in Italy. How to Take Beautiful Dresses Pictures

Santorini Dress photoshoot is available not only in beautiful Santorini but also in wonderful Italy. So if you are planning to spend a vacation in this sunny country and dreaming about a photoshoot in Italy, we recommend you to have a look at these tips:

1. Choose a flying dress photoshoot concept

Decide what Italy photoshoot you want. Even if you saw a photographer's portfolio and want to do the same, there will still be different pictures – light, clothing, mood. Your flying dress pictures will delight you much more if you decide what exactly you want before your flowing dress photography day.

The easiest way is to create a board with inspirational ideas and examples on Pinterest. The more detailed you describe your gown photoshoot ideas, the better.

2. Decide on flying dress photoshoot locations

It is a country of amazing beauty. Our team offers photoshoot locations in Tuscany, Italy such as Cinque Terre, Versilia, Pisa, Florence, or Lake Como. But you can choose another photoshoot place. It depends on your package of services.

3. Choose flying dresses for photoshoot

It’s important to choose flowy dresses for photoshoot that fits with the concept and flatters your body.

In our dress catalog, you can familiarize yourself with the legendary flowing dresses for photoshoot. In Italy, we offer many flying dress Italy rental options: 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 12, 34, 40. Also, we have one more light blue satin dress (just the same design as dresses numbers 3, 5, 6, or 10, just another color). If you want to choose the right flying dress, we suggest reading the article Flying Dress Photoshoot. Checklist of Perfect Flowing Dress.

4. Collect makeup photoshoot ideas

The ideal option is to avail of a professional makeup artist’s services. Our Italy photoshoot packages also include professional makeup. If you want to put on it by yourself, then do not forget the following points:

  • The main rule – do not to use cosmetics with reflective particles (pearlescent, shiny eyeshadow, lip gloss, blush, rhinestones). Even if they suit you in life, the opposite effect can turn out in the photo.

  • Foundation should be applied not only to the face but also to the neck. Otherwise, there will be a strong contrast.

  • It is desirable to paint your eyes brightly and expressively, much brighter than you paint in everyday life. Remember that the camera eats up half of the makeup.

  • Makeup must match and be selected according to the place and idea of ​​the photo session.

5. Stand poised for your flowing dress photoshoot

The most useful advice from photographers is to go to bed on time. It is imperative to get some sleep before a long train dress photoshoot. And, of course, give up alcohol the day before and excessive fluid intake at night (to avoid puffiness).

If you have a vacation or live in Italy, be sure to book a flying dress photo shoot with SantoriniDress. You will be delighted with your flying dress pictures in the legendary flowy dresses and will remember this moment for a long time.

💡 If you worry about how to pose in a dress during your flying dress photoshoot in Italy, we recommend reading this article about How to Pose for a Photoshoot. Model Photo Shoot Tips.

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