Flights to Santorini from UK, USA and Italy

Today, the plane is the most familiar and comfortable way of moving over long distances. 

 If you are going on vacation, this type of transport will be a simple and fast way to get to your destination. Before going to the islands of Greece, you need to choose a suitable route. We have decided to make it easier for you and have selected several options for possible flights to Santorini.

 Are you interested in a direct flight to go on vacation in 2023?

The English are one of the most significant holidaymakers on the Greek islands. They fell in love with the cascading houses that go down to the Valych Sea, beaches with white and black volcanic sand, and enchanting sunsets. You can get from the UK by plane. The most convenient route is London-Thira, which takes about 5 hours. Or you can change the city of departure and arrival. For example, Glasgow-Heraklion, London-Athens, Bristol-Rhodes, etc.

From the USA, there is only one option for the route to the island of Santorini - by plane. The flight time lasts from 13 hours from the city of New York to 15 hours from Chicago, or even 18 hours from Los Angeles, with a possible transfer in Europe.

The trip from Italy to Santorini is more uncomplicated. The flight lasts, on average, 4 hours. There are flights departing from Rome, Milan, Naples, Venice, Bologna, and with one stopover in Athens. You can reach the island by plane in 45 minutes, admiring the beauty of the crescent-shaped island, which is washed by the fantastically colored sea. Or by ferry, observing the impressive landscape and picturesque villages on the rocks.

Do you want to get the best experience of the Santorini trip?

The trip to the incredible islands of the Greek coast may be long. Still, it does not spoil the impression of a vacation at all because the flight takes place with comfort and love for tourists. We invite you to join us so that everyone can feel how the warm sand envelops the legs, the sun evenly tans the body, and the pleasant water relaxes and soothes. There is a list of additional services, including hiring a photographer to capture happy moments of life and renting dresses that will add lightness and charm to the image on our site SantoriniDress. As a result, you will get incredible photos with a view of houses cascading down to the blue sea and beaches with white and black volcanic sand that attract tourists so much.

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