Flight Time from London to Santorini

Frequent guests of the island of Santorini are tourists from London. From a cloudy, rainy and foggy city, people dream of escaping to a warm, sunny and friendly island on the Aegean coast. To make this happen as comfortable and profitable as possible for you, we provide advice for travel. We write not only about where to stay, where to go for dinner and where to have a photo shoot, but even how to get there, how much tickets cost and what the current exchange rate is.

How to get to Greece when leaving Europe?

There are several ways to get from European countries to Greece. For example, you can do this with a direct flight, which will cost slightly more than all other options. Approximately $500 per person one way. You can also choose the option with transfers in other countries. In this case, tickets will cost up to $300, but with some inconveniences. And, of course, you can choose to travel by your own car. This in turn will be very exciting and interesting.

If you are still interested in a flight option, then from London to Santorini flight time is about 4 hours with a direct flight. Transfers take longer, but from the plane you will be able to observe beautiful landscapes and views of the wonderful combination of the depths of the sea and nature on land.

Choose a convenient fly and enjoy your vacation

We recommend that you plan in advance not only how to travel to Santorini, but also how to spend time on the island. On the website of our online guide santorinidress, we write about interesting travel facts, the best resorts, restaurants, places for entertainment and studying the history, culture, and heritage of the country. If your plans include organizing photography in popular locations, then we will offer you the best photography prices. You can live a happy moment and leave memories that will last a lifetime by using our services.

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