Fino Restaurant & Cocktail Bar

If you are on vacation in Santorini, we recommend relaxing by the pool in the hotel and starting to explore the island. There are so many beautiful details of nature, ancient architecture, and secrets of past generations here. After an active day, we suggest relaxing at the best restaurant in the Oia district - Fino Restaurant & Cocktail Bar. This is an atmospheric place that is soaked in local traditions and values. Details in the interior, taste preferences, ingredients from local gardens, and wines from wineries.

Where do you go to feel the real Greece?

What must you know about the popular Fino cocktail bar in Santorini? First of all, its convenient location in the town of Oia allows you to reach it from anywhere on the island to see the most breathtaking sunset in the world. Secondly, this establishment delights with the flavors of Mediterranean dishes and intriguing signature cocktails. There is also a large selection of local wines, the serving of which is accompanied by a high level of service.

If you are staying near Fino in Oia, visit this establishment. Invite your family for lunch or arrange a date with your loved one during the fantastic sunset. You will have a great time listening to pleasant music next to beautiful people in an atmosphere of peace and relaxation.

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