Famous Museums in Dubai

Dubai is a city of luxury relaxation with breathtaking views from skyscrapers. Every tourist in this majestic city wants to learn its history, the reasons for its rapid development, and the values of the local residents. This can be done by visiting museums, which are more than enough here. For you to better navigate and make a quicker decision about buying tickets, we have prepared a list of the top places in the UAE.

What establishments are included in the top list in the United Arab Emirates?

Museums in Dubai are not only establishments for exploring the history and culture of the country. Many places here focus on the development of cognition, interest, and inspiration. For example, you can visit:

OliOli - this is 8 galleries with more than 45 interactive exhibits;

Dubai Museum & Al Fahidi Fort - dioramas in natural size depicting the everyday life of Dubai in the times before the discovery of oil;

Quranic Park - a place that presents the designation of miracles and facts contained in the Holy Quran in the scientific and medical fields;

Etihad Museum - a museum with a presentation of the heritage of the UAE in the socio-political, cultural, scientific, and military spheres;

Museum of Illusions is an exciting world of illusions that will amaze your imagination and allow you to learn many new things.

Also on the list of famous locations are the Al Shindagha Museum, Alserkal Avenue, Al Jaber Gallery, The Dubai Heritage Village, the Museum Of The Future, and other attractions.

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