Family Vacations in Maldives

The Maldives is the best option where you can go with your family. This resort fascinates everyone  with its untouched nature, carefree days, and a high level of service. Luxurious sandy beaches, an endless ocean, exotic fruits, absolute peace, privacy, and seclusion from the everyday hustle and bustle await you here. Summer here lasts all year round. Pleasant coolness and freshness are provided by short-term torrential rains, followed by mesmerizing sunsets.

Going on vacation from the US to the coast of the Indian Ocean in 2023? 

It is not easy to go on a vacation to the Maldives from the USA. It will be necessary to make one or even more plane transfers. The latter will be in:

  •  Istanbul (and it takes about 8 hours to fly to Male from there);
  • Dubai (about 4 hours to Male);
  • Dosi (it takes about 5 hours to fly to Male).
  • The most comfortable trip for you will be in the period of December-April. It is mostly dry and sunny now, although the humidity remains high. And there can be bad weather, main rain from May to November.

The flight from the UK will pass through the incredibly majestic Dubai

The Maldivian archipelago can be reached from Europe only by making a transfer. You can take a direct flight to Male from Dubai, and then it will take up to an hour to travel by boat to your resort. In a matter of hours, you will find yourself in a heavenly place with a chic villa, your own pool, and an open terrace on the ocean shore. Your holidays in the Maldives will be an unforgettable adventure where you can try diving and snorkeling, visit the settlement, taste the delicacies of Arabic cuisine, and relax.

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