Santorini Family Photoshoot. Ideas to Make Stunning Santorini Pictures

Relaxing with your family on the most beautiful white Greek island and not having a shooting in Santorini is simply impossible. A professional family photoshoot is a great way to keep fond memories of a wonderful vacation – to capture them on camera and get the opportunity to return at any time to those happy moments that you spent with your family.

Of course, for the result to meet expectations, it is better not to try to do everything on your own, but to seek the help of a professional photographer and discuss ideas for family photoshoot in Santorini.

How to prepare for a photoshoot?

  • Before shooting, decide on the photography concept, and what kind of photos you want to get: story photos, calm, playful, or maybe all at once.

  • All family members must be ready in advance for the shooting because if you inform them about the upcoming event the day before, it can take a person by surprise.

  • Do not let petty quarrels ruin your shooting: tune in positively, because minute offenses are forgotten, and happy photos on faces will remain forever.

  • Agree in advance with the Santorini family photographer on the photoshoot location and time, so that everything goes perfectly.

How to pose for a photoshoot?

The answer is simple – at ease and natural! Imagine that there is no photographer, that this is just a random passer-by next to you. Just have fun, be happy, show your feelings and share your happiness.

If you are afraid of the camera, feel embarrassed in front of a photo lens, or simply have never taken part in professional photoshoots before, it is better to practice in front of a mirror, try some poses, and ask loved ones to take a photo of you to find the perfect angle in your opinion. For more posing tips, check out Photoshoot Posing: Tips for Non-Models.

What to wear for a family photoshoot?

The dress code also directly depends on the subject of the shooting. In addition, try to maintain the harmony of style among all participants in the photo session. Here are some tips to help you choose the outfits for your upcoming family shoot:

  • Creating an image, like family relationships, harmony is important first of all.

  • Think over the clothes, shoes, and makeup of each participant in the shoot in advance.

  • Dress comfortably. Legendary flying dresses are a perfect option for women, they do not restrict movement while adding zest to your photoshoot.

  • Pay attention to the color of the clothes. Do you want to achieve complete harmony and unity with nature? Choose subtle tones – shades of blue and green are great. Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Red, orange and yellow colors should be your choice. To decide on outfits, we advise you to inspire by our clients' family photoshoot ideas.

If you doubt the correctness of your choice or just want your family to show off in different outfits in the photos, you may use dress rental and choose several options.

Which photoshoot location is better to choose at Santorini island?

When choosing a place for a family photoshoot in Santorini, we advise you to pay attention to the following locations:

  • Attractions of Santorini

If you want to capture memorable pictures from the Greek island of Santorini, then the legendary Imerovigli, Faros lighthouse, and Finikia will be the most suitable places for you. Here you get picture-perfect shots!

  • Santorini beaches

Santorini has the most incredible beaches if you want summer beautiful pictures you should choose one of the popular beaches. For a photoshoot, we recommend choosing Vlychada beach, Columbus, or Eros.

  • Santorini caldera

One of the most popular and beautiful places for a photo shoot in Santorini is the view of the Caldera. Choose this location if you want pictures of nature with an Aegean view.

💡 The most beautiful Santorini Instagram spots you can find by following this link.

What is the best time to choose?

There is no single recipe here. Focus is on your wishes and capabilities. If you plan to take pictures with children, you will need to adjust to their schedule, although the SantoriniDress team thinks the best time in terms of lighting and the general atmosphere is early morning or evening before sunset.

Family Photography Ideas in Santorini

1. Family photoshoot at sunset

Your family photo session will turn out to be especially charming and unforgettable at sunset. Santorini sunsets are mesmerizing, you can watch for hours how the sun slowly sinks into the sea surrounded by colorful flashes, how glare is reflected and drowned in dark water, and the last ray is lost in the darkness. Years later, you will be able to admire this wonderful picture again and feel the same incredible surprise with the beauty of nature. The best places for the Santorini family photoshoot on the sunset can be found in this article.

2. Family photoshoot ideas at the beach

Greek Santorini island is rich in beautiful and incredible beaches. The beach and the Aegean seaside are great places for beautiful photographs. Family photographs tend to be especially successful here. Therefore, if you are thinking about a photoshoot place for the whole family, feel free to choose the embankment or the Santorini beach line, and you will not regret it.

3. Flying dress photoshoot

Searching elegant family photoshoot ideas? Think of the legendary flying dress photoshoot by SantoriniDress. They perfectly complement the incredible beauty of Santorini. For a family photoshoot, you can choose several flying dresses at once so that the flying dress pictures are as diverse as possible. How to choose a flying dress can find in the article – Flying Dress Photoshoot. Checklist of Perfect Flowing Dress.

If you are still wondering whether to spend time on a family photoshoot on Santorini vacation or just spend a day on the beach, throw away all doubts immediately and make an appointment with the photographer! An elegant family photoshoot in Santorini is a great reason to relax with the whole family and keep the memories of these happy moments in the family album for a long time!

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